Screen time and my fussy eaters!

I have heard so many moms totally restricting screen times because they believe that it hinders with brain development. Some mommies don’t allow their kids to watch television when they are eating, which is a good practice because then the kids would learn to realize when they are full immediately.

But I doubt if any of these moms had a fussy eater of a kid or even if any of them had twins. In my case it a great combination of both. Already being preterm, both my kids are towards the leaner side and on top of that they don’t eat anything given to them. Also they are two, which just makes things worse for me. I have to go through twice the fussiness in one feed itself.

Television has come handy to me in multiple areas of my parenting. Firstly when I feel like I’m about to lose my sanity with these two, I let them have some screen time. This helps me to catch my breath. And thought it’s just for 5 to 10 mins that screen time keeps them engaged, it’s a good enough duration for me to collect my shot together and go back to being a normal mom again.

Secondly when I feed my kids all the main meals, they are allowed screen time. This has been quite helpful in getting my kids to open their mouths to take food in. Before I started allowing them screen time, meals used to be full of threats and tears and blackmail. I use stop lose my temper most days, multiple times a day. Now that I have screen time to help me, we are able to enjoy some nice rhymes while we eat with a happy tune.

Other than these two conditions, they seldom have any screen time. I don’t believe in restricting their screen time completely but instead I would suggest a limited time of screen be allowed. Each kid could unwind with this screen time after a tough day at school.

Another thing is that, screen time allows kids to come across a lot of information. Before kids used to learn rhymes only when they were in nursery classes but these days to get admissions to these nursery classes one has to train their kids to sing these rhymes. I suppose screen time is what has made all this possible.

My daughter recently started talking using single letter words. Other than the usual words like Amma, abba and so on, her latest word was from a nursery rhyme on YouTube and the word was ‘buhbye’. She heard it maybe around two times and she was able to grasp that word immediately. Similarly in the long run I am sure that my daughter will be able to sing most of the rhymes.

For all these reasons and many more, I strongly believe that screen time is a boon. It should be utilized in a proper way. There is a saying that goes like this ‘too much of amrit is also poison’. I guess that applies for this too. So as parents it’s up-to us to decide what works for us and our children rather than listening to what the society has to say about any of these things!

This post is a part of the blogathon #letsblogwithpri organized by Prisha Lalwani. I am so glad to be a part of this with other fellow mommies!

I would like to thank Cindy for introducing me to this blogathon! Check out her blog to see what she has to say.

I would like to introduce Revati and see what she has to talk about. Check out her blog for more amazing reads!

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4 thoughts on “Screen time and my fussy eaters!

  1. So true Sneha. With 2 kids who are fussy eaters, I know how difficult it is to feed them. Now my younger one will soon turn 5. We allowed screen time during meals for him till now and iam planning to stop soon. If kids are in the age group where they can understand hunger, taste, tiredness etc., they won’t be fussy eaters.


  2. Agreed. Limited screen time is ok. I often give them the phone when we are out in a restaurant. I mean I deserve to eat at least one meal peacefully. Many a times it is a saviour when I am about to lose my cool and patience.


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