Sleep, benefits and tips!

Sleep is very essential for a child’s proper development. Sleeping is the time where the body goes into a self repair mode. This doesn’t just apply for kids or toddlers alone but to everyone.

Can you think of what would happen if we go on working without sleep? We might just end up crazy. Sleep is essential to keep out sanity in place. Sleep has a whole lot of other benefits too.

Advantages of sleep

1. Sleep rejuvenates us. It keeps us fresh and gives us a strength from within.

2. It is when the brain cleanses itself. More like a throw out your garbage time.

3. Sleep is essential for strengthening and for repair of damaged cells and muscles.

4. Power naps help our brain to cope up and work more efficiently.

5. Sleep also enhances once beauty, as in a good sleep at night would help in reducing dark circles which increases ones beauty and is called as beauty sleep.

6. Sleep helps us improve our sense of reasoning and understanding.

Tips to put your little one down on time:

  • Set a routine because kids love it more than anything else. It could be a warm bath or a story at bedtime.
  • Give them a dark room to sleep in. Light usually tends to kill sleep.
  • Everyday should be the same when it comes to sleep time. It should not change whether it is weekend or a weekday.
  • Physical activity helps in tiring out kids and thereby improves their sleep.
  • We Indians have a great technique to put our children to sleep, singing a lullaby in our mother tongue with the slowest of rhythms which would definitely put anyone to sleep.
  • Give a warm glass of milk before bedtime, and it helps kids to feel sleepy.
  • Make sure that there is a sufficient gap between the last nap and bedtime, otherwise bedtime tends to keep moving.

I hope these tips come in handy for you just the way it did for me. We will have lots of people to disagree to our sleeping techniques and times, but as parents we know what’s best for the child and what suits our family. Take up on those cues and lead your child to a healthy habit.

This post is a part of the blogathon #letsblogwithpri organized by Prisha Lalwani. I am so glad to be a part of this with other fellow mommies!

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